A Simple Overview Of Editing and Merging

  1. hg pull http://www.bitbucket.org/BruceEckel/python-3-patterns-idioms/
  2. hg merge This brought up kdiff3 (note: this requires a separate installation of kdiff3)on any file’s w/ conflicts, and you get to just visually look - left-to-right at A:base, B:mine, and C:yours.... the NICE thing is when you want BOTH the other and yours, you can click BOTH B & C buttons — sweeet! you can also review the “automatic” merges, choose which - conflicts only, or any merge.
  3. ... make html;  make latex ...... look at outputs (simultaneously, comparatively)... make any changes.... repeat....
  4. hg ci without a message, it brought up an editor with a list of all changed files - so you can comment individually.
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