Command-line Tool

This section describes command-line tools available after buildbot installation. Since version 0.8 the one-for-all buildbot command-line tool was divided into two parts namely buildbot and buildslave, starting from version 0.9 buildslave command was replaced with buildbot-worker command. The last one was separated from main command-line tool to minimize dependencies required for running a worker while leaving all other functions to buildbot tool.

Every command-line tool has a list of global options and a set of commands which have their own options. One can run these tools in the following way:

buildbot [global options] command [command options]
buildbot-worker [global options] command [command options]

The buildbot command is used on the master, while buildbot-worker is used on the worker. Global options are the same for both tools which perform the following actions:

--help Print general help about available commands and global options and exit. All subsequent arguments are ignored.
--verbose Set verbose output.
--version Print current buildbot version and exit. All subsequent arguments are ignored.

You can get help on any command by specifying --help as a command option:

buildbot command --help

You can also use manual pages for buildbot and buildbot-worker for quick reference on command-line options.

The remainder of this section describes each buildbot command. See Command Line Index for a full list.