Run with a WSGI server


Оригинал статьи:

Radicale is compatible with the WSGI specification.

A configuration file can be set with the RADICALE_CONFIG environment variable, otherwise no configuration file is loaded and the default configuration is used.

Be reminded that Radicale’s default configuration enforces limits on the maximum upload file size.

Security: The None authentication type disables all rights checking. Don’t use it with REMOTE_USER. Use remote_user instead.

Example uWSGI configuration:

http-socket =
threads = 8
plugin = python3
module = radicale
env = RADICALE_CONFIG=/etc/radicale/config

Example Gunicorn configuration:

gunicorn --bind '' --threads 8 --env 'RADICALE_CONFIG=/etc/radicale/config' radicale

Manage user accounts with the WSGI server

Set the configuration option type in the auth section to remote_user. Radicale uses the user name provided by the WSGI server and disables authentication over HTTP.