Configuring Change Sources

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The change_source configuration key holds all active change sources for the configuration.

Most configurations have a single ChangeSource, watching only a single tree, e.g.,

from buildbot.plugins import changes

c['change_source'] = changes.PBChangeSource()

For more advanced configurations, the parameter can be a list of change sources:

source1 = ...
source2 = ...
c['change_source'] = [
    source1, source2

Repository and Project

ChangeSources will, in general, automatically provide the proper repository attribute for any changes they produce. For systems which operate on URL-like specifiers, this is a repository URL. Other ChangeSources adapt the concept as necessary.

Many ChangeSources allow you to specify a project, as well. This attribute is useful when building from several distinct codebases in the same buildmaster: the project string can serve to differentiate the different codebases. Schedulers can filter on project, so you can configure different builders to run for each project.

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