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If you cannot insert a Bzr hook in the server, you can use the BzrPoller. To use it, put master/contrib/bzr_buildbot.py somewhere that your Buildbot configuration can import it. Even putting it in the same directory as the master.cfg should work. Install the poller in the Buildbot configuration as with any other change source. Minimally, provide a URL that you want to poll (bzr://bzr+ssh://, or lp:), making sure the Buildbot user has necessary privileges.

# put bzr_buildbot.py file to the same directory as master.cfg
from bzr_buildbot import BzrPoller

c['change_source'] = BzrPoller(

The BzrPoller parameters are:


The URL to poll.


The number of seconds to wait between polls. Defaults to 10 minutes.


Any value to be used as the branch name. Defaults to None, or specify a string, or specify the constants from bzr_buildbot.py SHORT or FULL to get the short branch name or full branch address.


Normally, the user that commits the revision is the user that is responsible for the change. When run in a pqm (Patch Queue Manager, see https://launchpad.net/pqm) environment, the user that commits is the Patch Queue Manager, and the user that committed the merged, parent revision is responsible for the change. Set this value to True if this is pointed against a PQM-managed branch.

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