Бот для Telegram на Python


pip install pyTelegramBotAPI
--- app.py
  • app.py
# This is a simple echo bot using the decorator mechanism.
# It echoes any incoming text messages.

import telebot

API_TOKEN = '<api_token>'

bot = telebot.TeleBot(API_TOKEN)

# Handle '/start' and '/help'
@bot.message_handler(commands=['help', 'start'])
def send_welcome(message):
    bot.reply_to(message, """\
Hi there, I am EchoBot.
I am here to echo your kind words back to you. Just say anything nice and I'll say the exact same thing to you!\

# Handle all other messages with content_type 'text' (content_types defaults to ['text'])
@bot.message_handler(func=lambda message: True)
def echo_message(message):
    bot.reply_to(message, message.text)



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